Youth Ministry Tips

This is just a list that I put together for someone who asked me to make one. This is just a short way to sum up some of the important things I’ve learned. I don’t know everything. So it’s probably not rock solid.

Top 3 things a youth group needs:
1. Committed leaders(healthy leaders)
2. Good communication between leadership
3. Always having a goal in mind(either short term or long term)

3 Things that helped my ministry in NM a lot
(I totally stole some of the phrasing from Cornerstone’s YM packets because they said it better, but I came up with this list separate)
-Intentionality (Definitely #1):

1. Go out of your comfort zone to make sure kids feel wanted/notice/loved!
a. Text students when they don’t come to an event (especially Youth)
b. Communicate with them in any way to see if they will be at an event (Social Media is a great way to communicate with multiple students at one time)
c. Invite student to hang out (regardless if you know they won’t want to)
d. Calling students is a good way to express that they are important
e. Include them when you are doing stuff with other students as well

2. Prepare for your conversations with students beforehand
a. Read your Bible
b. Read some articles on teens, youth ministry, or even cultural trends
c. Pray for wisdom and opportunities
***You won’t know all the answers and you won’t always be prepared. Other leaders can help assist you as well, but never trade that for actually doing your own research on issues

(This one is really important. It doesn’t take much to say that your time goes a long way with students)

1. Actually follow through and hang out with students
a. Sometimes kids just need to know that you care before they can care about what you know
b. You don’t always have to spend money on them to hang out with them
c. “Doing life” with students will help you better understand and minister to them

1. Meet with students regularly
a. Once a week is ideal, but once a month says a lot, too (And that’s not even hard!)
b. Kids like to know that you actually care and consistency actually shows how important something is to
c. It’s hard to impact anything when you are only around for a season

2. Be consistent with who you are
a. integrity will teach the students a lot
b. try your best to focus on being like Christ not only on Wednesdays but even when you home and in your most comfortable place
c. Sometimes we leave our faith outside our home, but students need to know they can trust who you are

3. Be consistent in what you say
a. Consistently encourage students
b. Try not to contradict yourself
c. Do NOT be a hypocrite
d. Remind students who they are in Christ (in God’s eyes)

***None of this stuff happens over night. Also, it’s not supposed to be something that you just do. You should enjoy this stuff and not make it into a task or job. These are just tools to utilize. It’s not a legalistic list of rules to follow.
*Some stuff was added by my roommates as well.

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