Why You Should Enroll in Spiritual Boot Camp

You will spend years preparing for your career. But very few Christians spend any time at all preparing to effectively follow Jesus in that career.

Recent research has shown that only 16% of Christians report learning how the Bible applies to their field or area of interest. This means that 84% of Christians spend their lives in a career, but have never been taught how their Christian faith should play out in that career!

And the problem begins earlier than a person’s career. Only 11% of Christians report receiving helpful input from a someone in their church about their education.

This means the church is sending people out to be educated and devote their lives to a career, but leaving them clueless as to how their faith informs their education or career. The church may be doing a good job of teaching people about church life, but it is not preparing the next generation to take their faith beyond church walls.

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What is the Green Room?

In a theatre or studio, the “Green Room” is a space just offstage where performers prepare for their performance before stepping on stage.

Jesus made clear that Christians are not to be of the world, meaning that there is something fundamentally different going on in the Christian’s heart. But Jesus also specifically sent Christians into the world, which means that the Christian life cannot be lived in isolation.

“They [Jesus’ followers] are not of the world, just as I am not of the world…As you [God the Father] sent me [Jesus] into the world, so I have sent them into the world.” (John 17:16–18)


Too many Christians live with a fortress mentality, hiding from all the icky stuff they are sure is hiding in the world outside the walls of their homes and churches. But Jesus’ words will not allow us to hide from the world. If we are going to  take the call to follow Jesus seriously, then we will be following him into the world.

This blog is a Green Room to prepare you for what you encounter on a daily basis as you step out into the world with Jesus. These posts are written by the students of Eternity Bible College, who are being trained to understand God and his Word and to use that knowledge to interact with the world graciously, compassionately, and insightfully.

Previous Student Bloggers. As you can see, our students are very happy to be sharing with you.

Previous Student Bloggers. As you can see, our students are very happy to be sharing with you.

No doubt, the posts you’ll find on this page will vary greatly in content. They will likely cover everything from what it’s like to live far from home, why it’s amazing and difficult to have the Bible as a textbook, challenging lessons they’ve learned in the classroom and in the real world, personal struggles, and who knows what else. Though we stand behind our students, Eternity Bible College does not necessarily agree with all of the views and experiences presented here. We have chosen not to edit all of the material our students post because we want them to be free to share their thoughts and experiences. For the views and values of Eternity Bible College, click here or here. And if you’re ever interested in seeing what the faculty of Eternity Bible College is thinking through, feel free to stop by our faculty blog: Theology for Real Life.

May you find the content of this blog thought provoking, encouraging, and challenging to your status quo.