4 Things to Remember About Bible College

It’s my least favorite time of year again. It’s the time to stop going to the beach every weekend, put down your summer reading list, put away your game controllers, your movies, and cancel your Netflix subscription. It’s a time to take your vitamins, to stock up on Ramen, and install new locks on your doors so that you can find some privacy. It’s time for the summer curtains to fall away to reveal the true antagonist of this year like too many villains in too many Scooby-Doo episodes: The winter semester. It’s time to go back to school. Continue reading

Applying the Gospel Through Stories

The most devastating thing that happened to me in high school was when I didn’t get to go to Creation Festival in 2006. Creation is one of the largest Christian music festivals on the planet that happens annually in the middle of a field somewhere in the backwoods of Pennsylvania and Washington. I still remember what it was like to go my first year, 2005, and headbang with 75,000 other Christians. Or looking behind me during the annual candle-lighting vigil and seeing 75,000 other candles flickering against the speckled night sky. The day Creation 2005 ended, I was already planning my trip for 2006. But then the rain came down and the floods came up, canceling Creation and shattering my dreams. I had never been more devastated. An entire year’s worth of hope crashed down in an instant because I placed my hope in something that could be taken away with a few raindrops. Continue reading

A Recipe for Eternity

Usually, when I’m talking to people about where I’m going to college, I will get a chuckle here and there when I say, ‘It’s called Eternity Bible College…so I’ll be going there forever.

Seriously, though, being a student at Eternity Bible College has changed the trajectory of my life and faith in so many valuable ways. The reality is that the rightful King has taken over the throne of my life. It is his mission that supersedes the plans I thought I had made for my journey. Continue reading

The Dangers Of Studying Abroad

On Sunday, I returned from a semester abroad, in Quito, Ecuador. This trip was the second time being away from my home country for a considerable period; the first was an 8-month mission trip to Albania 5 years ago. Returning from a long trip away from home is always an interesting time of readjustment, and this “re-entry” has gotten me thinking about the various dangers of studying abroad. Don’t worry; I’m not talking about physical dangers, though that’s always a possibility when studying abroad (and, if you think about it, just about anywhere). Because of these dangers, I don’t think that studying abroad is for everyone. Continue reading

Speaking God’s Honor To Yourself

I took a summer class this year on the theology of honor and shame. It is definitely in my top 5 favorite classes at Eternity Bible College. It only lasted two weeks, but they were intense and loaded with information. Honor theology is definitely not discussed enough in America. My professor wrote a great introduction to honor theology, which can be purchased here (it’s currently on sale). Below is a journal entry that I wrote for one of my assignments. At the end of the first week, we had to reflect on different questions related to honor and shame for 2 hours, so I decided to journal. The following is my answer to the question, “To live free of shame, what is the one biblical truth (or verse) you ought to remind yourself daily of?Continue reading