Cleaning Your Lenses

I wear glasses. Even though I own contacts, I prefer using my glasses when I know I have lots to read for school (which is pretty typical, nowadays). Those of you who own glasses have experienced those moments when you put on your glasses and notice smudges or dirt on your glasses. Do you typically just shrug your shoulders and go on with the day? Poppycock! You spend 10 seconds cleaning your glasses so you can see clearly.

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Why You Should Enroll in Spiritual Boot Camp

You will spend years preparing for your career. But very few Christians spend any time at all preparing to effectively follow Jesus in that career.

Recent research has shown that only 16% of Christians report learning how the Bible applies to their field or area of interest. This means that 84% of Christians spend their lives in a career, but have never been taught how their Christian faith should play out in that career!

And the problem begins earlier than a person’s career. Only 11% of Christians report receiving helpful input from a someone in their church about their education.

This means the church is sending people out to be educated and devote their lives to a career, but leaving them clueless as to how their faith informs their education or career. The church may be doing a good job of teaching people about church life, but it is not preparing the next generation to take their faith beyond church walls.

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