Applying the Gospel Through Stories

The most devastating thing that happened to me in high school was when I didn’t get to go to Creation Festival in 2006. Creation is one of the largest Christian music festivals on the planet that happens annually in the middle of a field somewhere in the backwoods of Pennsylvania and Washington. I still remember what it was like to go my first year, 2005, and headbang with 75,000 other Christians. Or looking behind me during the annual candle-lighting vigil and seeing 75,000 other candles flickering against the speckled night sky. The day Creation 2005 ended, I was already planning my trip for 2006. But then the rain came down and the floods came up, canceling Creation and shattering my dreams. I had never been more devastated. An entire year’s worth of hope crashed down in an instant because I placed my hope in something that could be taken away with a few raindrops. Continue reading